Thursday, August 26, 2004

What the Hell Ever Happened to A. Whitney Brown? 

I had a dream last night that A. Whitney Brown called me up at work and wanted tme to make some corrections to his credits, but I wouldn't let him talk 'cause I was so excited that he was still alive and I liked how excited he would get when he was telling a joke and his voice would start cracking a little bit while he tried not to laugh and this one time on Saturday Night Live he said "I'm A. Whitney Brown, and one day I hope to be The Whitney Brown" and man did I think that was funny.
Jeez the brain is a weird thing...when was the last time you thought of A. Whitney Brown?


Ha! This is a photo of Leighton (who books the Elbow Room)'s Fiero:

"Talkin' to my cousin/He thought that Krokus was a disease.
That's real nice/Jesus Christ ain't nothin' sacred?"


The guy who said "Elvis Has Left The Building" has left the building.
He's D.Y.K.


Dave the Sad Schlitz Clown is way into this James Bond site.


The archive just registered its 350,000th CD


Richard Buckner Update

Buckner's song Ariel Ramirez is being used in a Volkswagen Taureg ad during the olympics.

He also has a new album called Dents and Shells due out October 12th on Merge Records.


Thanks David
Thanks Dadid

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