Friday, November 11, 2005


Things I like tonight:

The Simpsons Season 5

Ernest Borgnine

Boston Terriers that let me know when they need to go outside

James Brown singing "Living in America" while on drugs or drunk or something from this clip.

Gin if you couldn't tell


The Third Policeman by Flann O'Brien



My Wife

The new Rogue Wave record.

Powdered Gravy

Bagels & cream cheese


Matt Tobey making fun of Chinamen shoe salesmen

Joey Jo Jo Junior Shabadoo

K Damnspot (the blog and advice column)

Brian Smith, Chris Handyside and Johnny Loftus.

Squeak fish

The oboe (by far the sexiest of all reed instruments)

Van Halen's first four albums.

Derek's wife Susan

Mike Macharyas' stoopid/hilarious songs about celebrities (he just repeats celebrity names over a Casiotone the classic tune Kevin Federline).

The #2 meal at McDonalds (with an orange drink)


Sara Hall particularly this picture.

Playing Tetris on my cellphone.

Bill Hicks

Jim Manheim

And my one wish:

I wish I loved The Hold Steady as much as everbody else on the planet seems to.

Don't get me wrong, the lyrics are so good (as evidenced by this post from ahem May of this year), but the guy's voice reminds me of M.Doughty from Soul Coughing and the detachable penis from King Missle (with a little bit of the guy from Cake). Not that there's any thing wrong with SoulCoughingKingMissleCake, but if I want angry bar room rants from a drunken singer, I've got Brian Raleigh to guide me, and his lyrics are better (and he's honestly drunk...not just being slyly ironic).

how now, brown bureaucrat ?

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