Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Oh my.

Charlie Sheen has become the perfect celebrity in my opinion.
I don't really care about him. He was good that one time:

But two decades, an awful sitcom, and a fat paycheck later, something within him has snapped...

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...or possibly elevated him to an accelerated life form.

His maniacal mentality makes me firmly believe he is operating at a higher level of functionality than the rest of us.

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He is bulletproof and indestructible.

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He has re-appropriated our language and made it his own.

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He is not Bi-Polar, he is Bi-Winning.

And his constant use of the phrase "Winning" is the ultimate punctuation to a statement.
You say something completely batshit-insane which aggrandizes yourself in a superhuman way.
And then you inform your interviewer (which is everybody listening) that you are "Winning."

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Remember this moment folks.
History is unfolding before our eyes.

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He will clearly be dead or Christian soon, and we will be sad.
So cherish this moment while we can.

Remember us Winning.

Thanks David
Thanks Grambo
Thanks Tom

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