Thursday, April 27, 2006

Ohhhh Sweet Sweet Death 

I'm totally a sucker for this kind of thing:
Ol-skool cut and paste comic strips, where altering one or two panels can totally change the feel or message.


Quick aside: When I worked for the grounds department at UofM, every morning Gerard would get a newspaper and if a single panel of a comic strip was particularly weird (especially if taken out of the context of the other panels) I would tear it out and tape it to the back window of our truck from the inside. By the end of the Summer, we had a really bizarre collection of single panels that made sense only to me.

P.S. I was huffing a lot of lawn fertilizer at the time.


British Whale is performed, recorded and produced entirely by Justin Hawkins of The Darkness. It is music made with no compromises and will slap people on the back of the head with its pure unsullied silliness. Anyone that doesn't like it has a smelly bum.
I like it better than that last Darkness album


23) No seriously, my real name is Vixen Blue.

Manifesto from a Stripper: She lays it all bare.
(Just text, no photos. Pretty SFW if you don't count swears)


Hard Lessons and Fifth Period Fever at the Blind Pig this Friday.
That's a lotta rock.


Jack White + Derek Vertin + bag o' crack = this.
Resurrected because Nintendo announced the name of their new game system: It will be called Wii.


Heartwarming story about how G. Dub wanted a fancy hotel room that Mick Jagger was already in, and Mick wouldn't give it to him.
Mick Jagger for President


Very slick online color wheel.
You can lock in specific colors that you like, and keep spinning the wheel on colors you don't like.


The guy at is in a naughty little wager with his girlfriend where if his website gets 2 million hits, she will have a three-way with him and the girl of his choosing.
He ought to put a Google ad or two up there so he can take his two dates out to dinner...He's gonna hit that 2 million today.


fish shoes

Shoes with "Jesus Loves You" written in reverse on the bottom.


Thanks Matt
Thanks David
Thanks Cav

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

For me, there's a subtle perfection in everything I do 

I just watched Caddyshack again for about the three hundredth time and I realized something: There's a lot of stuff in that movie that isn't really all that funny.

The gopher stuff is kind of sub-Warner Bros.-era slapstick, the Baby Ruth candy bar in the pool, the dunderheaded nephew, the pregnancy scare with the girl with the atrocious Scottish(?) accent, most of the scenes with Danny the "hero" of the story, the bizarro Esther Williams-style water ballet, the infighting between the Caddies...all of that really doesn't do it for me.

The interactions between Rodney Dangerfield and Ted Knight are comic gold, and any time Bill Murray has to talk to anybody besides a sock puppet are super entertaining, but for me Chevy Chase's zen neurotic wiseass is the real gem of the picture. He glides through each scene murmuring to himself and making asides in an almost Marxian (Groucho, not Karl) fashion. His demeanor is so lo-fi that he almost acts as though he'd rather not be seen...mixing drinks, riding in the car, trying to play through...his lost and damaged rich kid-turned-manchild is a little bit unsettling, but I can't keep my eyes off of the screen whenever he's on.

Best scene in the movie in my opinion:

Chevy Chase plays Ty Webb (but who are we kidding, in every movie he's just playing Chevy Chase) and Cindy Morgan plays Lacy Underall (a ribald pun) who is sort of a smarter version of Paris Hilton. In this scene, Lacey has turned up unannounced at Chevy's hip 1980 bachelor pad:


Chevy: Well, hello! Surprise, surprise!
Lacey: Are you busy?
Chevy: No, come on in.
Chevy sweeps his arms out and puts his hand through an Asian paper screen
Chevy: Go ahead. It's nothing.
Lacey: I tried calling, but there is no listing for "Mr. Wonderful."
Chevy: What spelling did you use?


Chevy: Sorry about this mess. Let me just clean up here. I'm getting ready for the season.
picks up a water ski and a compound bow with arrows
Lacey: Duck?
Chevy: No, no. Dolphin. Would you like a drink? Tuna Colada, perhaps?
Lacey: Anything. Who's your decorator, Benihana?
Chevy: No, I brought most of that stuff back from Vietnam. limping
Lacey: You were in the war?
Chevy: Homo. Much better now, though. sound clip


Lacey: Here's an uncashed check for $70,000.
Chevy: Keep it.
Lacey: There's a bunch of them ! And a summons.
Chevy: It's yours.
this whole time, he's collecting the remnants of Perrier from different bottles around his living room, pouring them into one bottle and loosely affixing the bottle cap back on. He demonstrates the very fake "opening" of this "new" bottle
Lacey: Pretty pathetic, Ty.
Chevy: Pathetic? Maybe for you, Lacey. For me, there's a subtle perfection in everything I do. I've got my own standards, my own way.
Lacey: My uncle says you've got a screw loose.
Chevy: Your uncle molests collies. And you're rather...attractive for...a beautiful girl with a great body. sound clip


at the Fender Rhodes piano doing tequila shots
Lacey: Sing me a love song.
Chevy: I'm going to.
Lacey: This stuff is terrible.
Chevy: It's good. You don't know how to do it.
Lacey: How do I do it?
Chevy: I'm going to show you.
Chevy snorts salt off of his wrist, bites the lemon, then tosses the shot over his shoulder onto the floor

Born to love you

Chevy's love song:
"l was born to love you."
"l was born to lick your face."
"l was born to rub you..."
"...but you were born to rub me first."
sound clip
Chevy: Let's go onto the...patio room.

Chevy is giving Lacey a massage
Chevy: You know what this is called in the East? It's the "big rub."

he pinches her shoulderblades, looking confused
Chevy: You have very...very small breasts. Juusst kidding. sound clip
Chevy: I'll work my way down. This is the lsle of Wight.
Lacey: Careful.
Chevy: I'm going to move right down the Ticonic Parkway...over to your clavula...
Lacey: Will you get serious?
Chevy: That's a very "in" thing to say.
Lacey: Ow! That hurts!
Chevy: You're blocking! Just hold on to your choppers. I'll just get a little more oil.


oil goes everywhere
Chevy: Now I've done it. You get that way from...Oh, I'm sorry. It's like reaching under the rug.

Lacey: You're crazy!
Chevy: That's what they said about Son of Sam. You know something else? I'm a very qualified acupuncturist. sound clip
he picks up a cocktail toothpick with olives stuck onto it
Lacey: Don't even think about it!
Chevy: I'm just going to eat these. I want you to know about it. It's like acupressure but it's acupuncture. The slightest prick and you wouldn't even know--
Lacey: I'll kill you!
Chevy: No, I did not do that.
Chevy: You feel looser? I feel like 100 dollars.
Lacey: Will you forget the massage...and just kiss me, you fool.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

You should see my cupboards 

Some totally awesome Lost fan made up these Dharma Initiative can labels available in PDF form. So basically you print 'em out, cut 'em out, then tape 'em on the cans of soup and chili in your cupboard.
Or do that to a thousand cans and airdrop them on a beach somewheres.


The San Francisco Chronicle has a great article on why Journey's "Escape" album is so awesome.
Listening to the song "Escape" is the equivalent of getting a personal two-hour life-coaching session by Tony Robbins and then smoking PCP. Each time "Escape" finishes, I am completely convinced that I can dunk a basketball, break a 2-by-4 in half with my bare hands and eat 25 hot dogs in a minute.


I am wayyy too entertained by these old Alcoholics Anonymous comic strips.

Drunk Again


This guy goes off to some University Senate B.S. conference and for a witty joke, his buddies fill his dorm room(?) office(?) with balloons while he's gone. He goes totally ballistic.

Jerk: "Where did you get the money for these balloons?"
Prankster: "Out of our own pockets!"
Jerk: "Well then where did you get the air?!?"
Prankster: (blink blink)



My post about the farting preacher caused Matt to coin the phrase "Tip of the Fartberg" in referring to the multitude of videos that are available.


A bunch of great computer tech stories from inept callers:

Customer: "There are smoke and flames coming from my computer."
Tech Support: "Uh, hang up, unplug the computer from the wall, and call the local fire department."
Customer: "That's not the problem. I need to know how to do a backup. Fastest possible method."



mo' money, even mo' problems


Thanks Matt
Thanks Thighmaster
Thanks Clicked
Thanks Joe

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Monday, April 24, 2006

Knitta, PLEASE 

The folks at Knitta Please knit little cozies for everyday objects.

can't handle the cold

like door handles

Also check out the Crew page.
With nicknames like The Knotorious N.I.T. and LoopDogg,
you can tell these folks know how to party.


Terrific terrific Wes Anderson American Express commercial wherein he explains how to make a movie.
"Are those my birds? I need those..."


This preacher swears.
"I come in the name of Jesus, repeat after me, bitch."

This preacher farts.
"This is the gate of Heaven" poot.


DataWhat Recommended: Seagate 160GB external hard drive for 70 bucks at Circuit City (after $60 in rebates).
Only valid through the 29th of April.


Charming spam I got:

From: "daveantrim88"
To: datawhat
Subject: Your wife prefers your dog’s penis to yours?
@lw@ys wanted to be like a superman: good-looking, courageous, fearless with a huge and strong penis.
Viagra Soft Tabs can help you with the last issue at least.
Need an extra boost for extra sensitive sexual experiences? Viagra Soft Tabs!


Hmmm...I'm going to take music advice from AOL & Blender...although I do agree with their #1 worst thing wrong with music.
Sucks getting old.


UX is an online magazine about design and the user experience. Very pretty design.
Web 2.16458 anyone?


Scholarly law paper regarding the "F" word now available online.
For you perverts out there.


Some nice entries in Worth1000's who would you like to see on a postage stamp contest:


Although the guy who made the "King of Queens" stamp set needs a new hobby.


Thanks Dan
Thanks Exquisite Dead Guy
Thanks Gerard
Thanks David
Thanks BrianSleeper
Thanks BoingBoing

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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Greedy Man, Monkey Feet, Sir-Butts-A-Lot, Toilet 


Some genius asked little kids to write a speech as would be read by President Bush, and then had the speeches read by a Bush Impersonator.

Zoe Baker's speech is the best one.
Please, please listen to it.

More here.


Thanks Andy

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Friday, April 21, 2006

I dunno, can't we sort of glamour shots this up at all? 

Hooligans arrested on Shaftesbury Estate. "Next thing you know there'll be Ruffians! Boy, I'd hate to be a dustbin in Shaftesbury tonight."
Somewhere in Heaven, Bill Hicks is smiling.


I don't really know nuthin' about Felicity Huffman or the movie Transamerica,
but take a look at what the studio did for the DVD cover:


Uh...Don't you morons understand that the entire premise of the movie is about a man who dresses up as a woman, not another sales tool for the Desperate Housewives franchise? Christ stuff like this makes me mad..."Focus Groups" sitting around going "hmmmm...I dunno, can't we sort of glamour shots this up at all?"



Avant-Garde contemporary musician and AMG editor Uncle Dave Lewis' MySpace page, complete with songs.
I heartily recommend "You Look Like John F. Kennedy"


Like a thousand music videos and performances from the '80s.
AC/DC, Love and Rockets, New Order, Metallica, The Cramps, The Pogues, Stone Roses, Yaz, Joy Division.


A reality show featuring The Darkness recording an album while locked in Trafalgar Square for a month.
While I wasn't a huge fan of the last record, Lead singer Justin Hawkins (the man who said "Wasting beer is like shoving food down a toilet, or beating up your wife in a pub. It's just disrespectful.") and his brother would probably be entertaining to watch.


My favorite part is the disembodied head of Brian May exploding into a ball of flame. - Steve
I love that stupid little song. Also gotta love any video that mixes visions of Voltron, Flash Gordon, live-action Japanimation, and flames. Floating, Caucasian-afro-mullet-headed flames. - Don


The old layout from a couple years ago.
Reminds me of bumble bees.




Thanks Steve
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Thanks Justin
Thanks WorldOfWonder

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

YouTube Overload 

Some spectacular YouTube action:

Cream of the crop: The Osmond Family doing a performance of a song called "Crazy Horses" which is some kind of early '70s attempt to get a Mormon heavy metal sound started...worth watching for the crazy dancing alone.
Review of the album Here.

The trailer for Titanic 2 in which Leonardo DiCaprio is found frozen in a block of ice and is thawed out in present day.
Excellent use of Simon & Garfunkel's "The Only Living Boy in New York" by the way.

Average Homeboy is a long lost rap artist comin' from a middle class white kid trying to express his point of view.
Oakleys, those goofy weightlifting pants, feathered'll be blazed.


Interesting post about Music Collection Visualization at David Jennings' site,
including links to MusicStrands' new visualization project.

Wheel in the Sky


There are two things that everyone loves, cats and lasers!
Best yet: Cats with lasers that come out of their mouths.


Another video: This is footage of Steve Jobs first announcing the iPod.
Please note the comic sans font in the presentation, the Beatles album cover in the background, and the reverence when discussing the dazzling concept of fitting 1000 songs on a portable listening device.


Clear Channel is streaming Bruce Springsteen's new album of Pete Seeger covers for free (with an annoying woman's voice in the background every five minutes telling you that you're listening to Clear Channel's Sneak Peek).
It's a good album for him to make right's really loose and it sounds like he had fun recording it, and he steered clear of most of the Pete Seeger songs that everybody's sick of ("If I Had a Hammer," "Turn Turn Turn," etc.) although "We Shall Overcome" made it in there.


Couple of fake-outs:

Fake footage of a graffiti mogul tagging Air Force One in the middle of the night.
Looks real, is fake.

Pedophilia-inspired fake Breyer's Ice Cream ad
Sorta NSFW if people around you have appropriately dirty minds.




Scarlett Johansson in a Bikini!


Dog the Bounty Hunter has 12 children.
Serious bra.


Thanks Dan
Thanks Matt
Thanks Goody
Thanks Perry
Thanks Tom
Thanks Joe

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Monday, April 17, 2006

I don't want to wear another box or a bag 

Is that what he was saying? Hilarious flash interpretation of Pearl Jam's 'Yellow Ledbetter'.
I don't want to wear another box or a bag.


Nice Cans

House of Beer Cans


How to open a beer with a lighter.
"The best thing to do is practice. Call in sick to work for a few days, buy a few cases of beer. Keep snorting cocaine to keep from passing out. You'll get it eventually."


Great footage of G. Dub trying to use his iPod.
He's reading the artist names and says "Dan McLean"...remember him?"
It's Don McLean, Mr. President. Don


The Jack White Coke commercial is on YouTube.
Cute little song. I would've liked to hear a little more of that big production on the last album.


new swimsuit please

Sharks on a Kayak


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Saturday, April 15, 2006

O Rly? Ya RLY? No WAI?!? got a facelift this week, expanding the site width, and adding some new editorial features on the front page.
I like it. We look like a 21st century website now.


For those of you who don't know, "O RLY?" is innerweb/chatroom parlance for "Oh Really?"...sort of the "No Shit Sherlock" for those whipper snappers of today.
Wiki here.

Anyhoo This guy's company was looking for a mascot and he suggested an owl named Orly.


He's now sitting back and waiting patiently to be fired.

He and his friends even made up a little song:
O, Orly's an o-wl
Orly's an o-wl
Soft be his down and
Mighty his claws

He does not fear Yarly
Nor ev'n snake on planes
(something something something)
Srsly he pwns


Big ups to former AMG'er Johnny Loftus recently named Music Editor at Metro Times.
That kid's got Moxie!


Yeah yeah Firefox fixed a bunch of bugs but they still have not fixed this bug that I keep bitching about.
Kind of a big deal since pretty much all of the projects I deal with at work deal with asx files.


The ultimate in workplace toys: CubeFigures.
I like how the only way you can get the black people is by ordering the "Expansion Set"...effing typical.


Uh...I get fan fiction, and I kinda understand McDonald's McGriddle breakfast sandwich, but McGriddle Fan Fiction?
"President Roslin stared at the object. It was almost familiar, and yet there was something not right about it. She didn't trust it. She knew the Cylons expected the humans to embrace this new breakfast sandwich, to embrace it and include it as part of their daily routines. But Laura, like many of those loyal to Admiral Willian "Husker" Adama, captain of the Battlestar Galactica, was suspicious towards Sharon and the rest of the Cylons."


Two cool links from

Top 100 Google Videos ranked by users? Or number of views? Dunno really.
See what other people like seeing.

MeFi Projects Top 10: The top-voted endeavors on MetaFilter's Projects page.
Well, lookit number 4 for April! It's BabyRoadies! How 'bout that?!?


easter eggs, yalls.


Thanks Waxy
Thanks Rachel

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Friday, April 14, 2006

Falling, Yes I Am Falling, And She Keeps Calling Me Back Again 

Rubber Soul may be the greatest springtime album evar.

Plastic Soul, brother. Plastic Soul

end transmission.

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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Eee-eee-vil Lemon 


Eee-eee-vil lemon for sale on eBay.


I can't tell if I'm excited about this or not, but supposedly there is unreleased Beatles music being pulled together for an upcoming Cirque du Soleil show(?) Do we think these are real Beatles songs? Or more like interstitial music from Help! and Magical Mystery Tour that George Martin wrote?
Either way, when we start talking about the Beatles in the present tense, it makes me all giddy.


Speaking of, some sly nerds took the words out of G. Dub's mouth and made a video of him singing John Lennon's "Imagine" which actually evolves into this really moving multimedia art piece.
...or that was when the 'shrooms kicked or the other.


Todd Osborn now selling Red Bull in Italy.
Or at least that's what I get out of this article...I could be wrong.


Article about Wilco drummer Glenn Kotche.
He's one of the few people I can call a "Percussionist" and still not want to punch them in the face.


Long Distance Runaround: Interesting article about using a centralized hub for taking drive-through orders at fast food restaurants.
Ms. Vargas seems unfazed by her job, even though it involves being subjected to constant electronic scrutiny. Software tracks her productivity and speed, and every so often a red box pops up on her screen to test whether she is paying attention. She is expected to click on it within 1.75 seconds.


Google Calendar released.
Dunno. We'll see.



Peanuts/Dilbert Mashup


Thanks CMTroo
Thanks Tom
Thanks Lee
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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

"These guys really know how to light a french fry" - Dave Below 

Creating a flash drive that swells up when filled with data is funny,
but naming it The FlashBag is about the funniest thing evar.



Other nerd fun: A guy made a blog post consisting of one linked word: Blog.
So jackasses filled the comments with single word responses.

Metafilter got on the train with much hilarity:
The hilariously oversized image about halfway down is what really got me.


Ha! Maim That Tune is a site where you can go if you have a song stuck in your head, and they will replace it with a horrible MIDI version of another song like the Theme from Dallas or "Sex Machine" (in MIDI mind you).
Although I kinda got into the MIDI Theme from Battlestar Galactica ('70s, natch).


This guy at OneRedPaperclip is trying to trade a paperclip for something of larger value until he can trade up for a house.
He's doing pretty well so far.


I don't often go in for these, but here is footage of a woman getting tricked by one of those websites that looks like a maze but really turns out to be a scary face that jumps out at you.
Man does she freak out. Hoo boy.


Detroit Sold For Scrap
"The former Detroit Museum of African-American History took in over $135."


Coffee, not urine


Thanks Metafilter
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Monday, April 10, 2006

Baby Roadies 

Henry Rollins has this funny bit about seeing parents traveling in airports:

"Have you seen parents at airports? They just become, like Baby Roadies. Like a truckload of gear, for a nine pound thing. Like "Who's the Rock Star?" It is this big, it shits itself, and the guy has like: Hip Pack. Fanny Pack. Front Pack. Back Pack. And he's like walking around with all the diapers and all this shit and the woman's like "ugggggg" and they have Sherpa guides behind them holding packages: "Ho-We-Oh. We-Ohhhh-oh." "Where are you guys going?" "We're loading the baby and entourage onto the plane."

So Matt Tobey and I are both about to have kids (his in June, mine in September) and we were both bitching about how every single piece of parenting information and advice out there is geared toward Moms. Parenting Magazine's header says "What Really Matters to Moms", and looking through all of the crazy crap from Baby's 'R' Us says "What Moms Need To Know" but there's really not anything geared toward Dads (that isn't sponsored by the Christian Church or people even creepier). It's all really stale, and geared toward guys in Dockers ads jockying for Father Of The Year...what about us poor saps who are just trying to get by? Guys who listen to rock music and drink beer out of cans, but still want to be decent dads?

So we invented

Baby Roadies

Out plan is to make it a repository for guys who are trying to figure stuff out to get some information, and for those wise souls who have figured out how to get gum out of your kid's hair, please share your wealth of knowledge with us.

There's also a forum Here:
Feel free to go in there and spread your seeds of wisdom.

Now back to your regularly scheduled DataWhat programming.


Hilarious (potentially NSFW) photo of a Finnish athlete with commentary.
Quite possibly a high jumper, or maybe just a high-singer.


Nice article about Jim Roll in the Ann Arbor News.
Ha! The Rainmen. I like that.


New track from The Velvet Teen on MySpace.
Different but good.


Stewart Copland is putting together a Police documentary based on Super 8 movies he shot from the band's early days in the mid-'70s through the early '80s.
I hope there is good fighting in there. Those guys were world class bickerers.


Looks like Lost and some other ABC shows are going to be available for free online.
They say there will be commercials that you can't fast forward through, but that will be cracked in like the first hour.


Pretty fun product reviews from The Impulsive Buy including mini-ads like this:



Thanks Steve
Thanks Katy
Thanks Exquisite Dead Guy
Thanks Goody
Thanks Brian

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Sunday, April 09, 2006


I've been around both sides of this story, so it's tough to have a lot of sympathy either way, but one of my pals stumbled across this disgruntled band bitching on MySpace about their experiences at a club, and the guy from the club's response.

(screencaps Here, Here, and Here as I'll imagine the band will pull 'em down at some point.)

The part I liked the best was when the guy in the band said "For some reason, the show started about a half an hour late, so we were stuck sitting there for way longer than we wanted to be." and then "Now, it's show time! It's after 11:30 PM and we're all tired."

Man oh man. Welcome to rock and roll.


Some Flying Spahghetti Monster goodness:

Hand-knitted "Holiday Tree" Topper

Another Shot
Another Shot

Flying Spaghetti Mazda
Flying Spaghetti Mazda


Q: What is the difference between a banjo and an onion?
A: Nobody cries when you cut up a banjo.
More "good" Banjo jokes.


Fascinating story about a guy who faked a Norman Rockwell painting so his wife wouldn't get it in their divorce.
I guess the painting was good enough to fool a whole bunch of people for 30 years.


Stolen from the CTU mailserver...

From: Harriet Myers
To: Marie Sanchez
Subject: Request for Staff

Dear Ms. Sanchez:

I recently became the manager of a governmental agency that had a recent unexpected downsizing in force. Even though I realize it's 10 PM at night, I need replacements very quickly. I am looking for experienced staff in the following areas:

**Database administration
**Cryptological analysis
**Torture Specalist I and Torture Specalist II

Also, if they could all arrive at once and come into the building like the models on Deal or No Deal so they would look intimidating to the remaining staff, that would be great.

Thanks in advance,

Harriet Myers
Department of Homeland Security, Los Angeles


Star Wars themed home theater made up to look like the Death Star.
Designed by Doug Chiang, so you know it's whip-ass.


In (related?) Star Wars news, here's a video of Darth Vader rapping with Redd Foxx as Obi Wan Kenobi.
Last night I had a dream about work where we were marketing all of these lego spaceships that were kinda like transformers but all of the little lego pilots had Brad Torreano's face on them. Not like a photo of Brad, but still yellow and round, but the mouth kinda curled up at one side and the eye on that side squinted just a little tiny bit, so that when you looked at it you said "Man that looks like Brad Torreano."


Same to you, screwball.


OK, so the website Matt Tobey and I have been working on is almost ready. Tune in on Monday night or Tuesday morning and I'll tell you what it's all about.
Contrary to what some people have speculated to me, it is not us publicly proclaiming our gay love for each other. We keep that private.


Thanks Metafilter
Thanks Matt
Thanks Kris
Thanks Scott
Thanks Mike
Thanks Steve

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Lawn Chair 

Lawn Chair
Dirt not included


Know what sounds like a great idea? Devo tattoos!
Ooh..the one inside the lip? Not a great choice.


Yeesh. Gangsta Fag proclaims to be the world's first openly gay gangsta rapper.
Which may be true, since esQuire is certainly not "Gangsta"...Pffft. Girl, please.


Couple more Music Recommendation links:
DJ Alchemi does some really in-depth analysis on music tech and recommendation systems.

Particularly interesting to me was the PDF in this post regarding the Berkman Center for Internet and Society's study on music recommendation.

Which led me to MusicStrands Labs. They have a bunch of cool tools in development to play around with, including some similar artist, album, and song recommendations.

I have to say though, that this playlist based on my Last.FM profile brought back some wack results:
Back In Black
10 songs
7 songs with the word "Black" in it
1 song with the word "Back" in it
1 song with the word "Blanc" in it
and "Knives Out" by Radiohead.

My guess is that they're still working out the kinks.


These guys can be excused, because I think they're European and at a rave, but the noises they're making indicate that their monkey may be sick.
You can't actually see the monkey, but you sure can hear it.


Speaking of is Molvania's own Zlad (best known for the futuristic techno track, "Elektronik – Supersonik") is back stirring up the Eurovision competition.
Wake Up From Your Asleep!


Reverend Doctor Goody Rock contacted me with his new pimp name.
Signed: Snake Eyes Zac Flava.


50 watts per channel, babycakes.


Thanks Goody
Thanks Exquisite Dead Guy
Thanks BoingBoing
Thanks Miss Mapping
Thanks Dan

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Because I don't spend enough time on the computer 

Just so's you are in the loop, Matt Tobey and I are working on a new website together. Hopefully it will have my luscious green eyes and Matt's ribald sense of humor. Both of our individual blogs will live on in obscurity, but now there will be a third site for (some of) you to waste time with.

We'll be making an official announcement in the next week or so.

Stay tuned.

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Sunday, April 02, 2006


Love :: Hate

We are totally getting these Scratch Mittens for the DataBaby.


I'm not saying anyone couldn't take Muppet figures, pose them, take pictures, add dialogue, and create a Muppet comic strip version of Serenity...but someone did.
Heh. "Frooty Ooty Boor."


Pre-Pixillated T-Shirts for TV shows and rap videos.
Saves a lot of time in post-production.


An eBay auction where a guy is trying to sell his wife's box because his cock won't fit in there.
Really! He has a 30 inch wooden cock, but it won't fit into the box his wife has kinda gotta see the picture.


Chuck Klosterman's April 1st review of Guns n' Roses' new album.
Songs like "Catcher in the Rye" exhibit the sculpted sheen of Billy Joel's Glass Houses...Two weeks before his death in 2002, ex-Clash frontman Joe Strummer contributed guitar for a song tentatively titled "Janky Holocaust." However, Rose eventually dropped the track, citing "dehydration."


Guide Horses are teeny tiny horses that lead the blind like guide dogs, only more equine.
Jesus, if you read this whole page, guide horses make a lot more sense than guide dogs.




Thanks Steve
Thanks Chris
Thanks BoingBoing
Thanks Dustin
Thanks Cammila

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